METALCON Newsletter January 2024


Being a featured speaker for METALCON is not just an opportunity — it’s a chance to shape the narrative of the metal construction industry, making a lasting impact on professionals in the field. We are actively seeking individuals who are passionate about educating, engaging, inspiring, and delivering impactful presentations within various facets of the metal construction community.

Submissions will be evaluated for consideration in both the in-person educational sessions at METALCON 2024 and our ongoing METALCON Online programming throughout the year. Submission deadline is February 14th



As we enter into 2024, the Metal Building Materials Market Report underscores the imminent expansion of the Metal Building Materials market, fueled by key trends set to move the metal construction industry forward including a focus on sustainability with more green construction, metal building color trends, and a continued integration of technology. The steadfast preference for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, as highlighted by the US Green Building Council’s 2023 report, continues to dominate the priorities of Engineering and Construction firms. Expect metal to play an important role to reflect the dynamic nature of architectural design particularly in color integration. Lastly, another trend to watch in this new year is a continued integration of technology in metal building design and construction with Building Information Modeling (BIM) leading the way. In the coming year, METALCON stands as the premier platform within the metal construction landscape for industry leaders to unveil the latest advancements in these dynamic trends. For the full story, click below to read the Blog posted last week.




Shield Wall Media is bringing comprehensive market data to their subscribers at no charge. This report delves into various topics, including economic trends and construction data across multiple sectors such as construction, agriculture, residential and light commercial, post frame construction, metal roofing, roll forming and metal forming, small residential and portable buildings, and cold form metal. The valuable insights provided in this report will be disseminated to subscribers via mail, at Shield Wall Media events, and incorporated into educational programming. To claim a FREE copy, simply subscribe to one of their magazines by clicking the link below.




METALCON Online will continue to feature FREE industry related accredited education content year-round education. Continuing with our commitment to providing valuable industry knowledge, we are thrilled to bring you another insightful session next month on February 7, “Powerful Strategies for Converting Asphalt Shingle Leads to Metal Sales” with Todd Miller, President of Isaiah Industries and current President of the Metal Roofing Alliance, sharing the content from one of the most well-received sessions at METALCON 2023. Then, on March 6, our METALCON and MCA Future Leaders series continues with “Employment in the Metal Industries: Maximizing Your Experience,” presented by Samuel Gray with Metallic Products. Given the ongoing labor shortage, a critical challenge in our industry, this session is one not to be missed.



Everyone is buzzing about Atlanta, including travel experts Lonely Planet and National Geographic. National Geographic selected Atlanta as one of the top destinations to visit in the National Geographic Best of the World 2022 list and was distinguished as the only U.S. city in Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel list for 2022. Positioned at the crossroads of Southern charm, creativity, and sophistication, Atlanta is a city that easily captivates and inspires. With its world-class attractions, award-winning dining, and hidden wonders, falling in love with this beautiful city is inevitable. Still home to the busiest airport in the world with 80 percent of the U.S. population living within a two-hour flight, it makes Atlanta one of the accessible cities. From MICHELIN-recognized restaurants to top-ranked museums, attractions, historical landmarks and more – there’s so much to explore this year.




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METALCON presentations focus on ‘building performance’

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METALCON Announces Keynote and Special Session Speakers for Upcoming 2024 Conference

Attendees can look forward to being educated, informed, and inspired by the captivating keynote and special session speakers. Newton, MA: METALCON, the premier event for the metal construction industry, has announced the keynote and special session speakers for this year’s conference, which will be held from October 30th to November 1st in Atlanta, GA. Attendees can anticipate a series of compelling presentations designed to educate, inform, and inspire. Premier Keynote On Wednesday, October 30th, former NFL MVP Quarterback and Super

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Metal Construction Industry 101: Diving Into the Basics & Emerging Trends of 2024

Metal Construction Industry 101: Dive into the fundamentals of metal construction and get up to date on current and emerging trends is crucial for industry professionals. Explore these topics by watching the recent Metal Construction Industry 101 webinar with experts Todd Miller and Lauren Rubino. Learn why attending the METALCON trade show is essential, especially for future leaders in the industry.

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Honoring Those Who Have Served on Memorial Day: METALCON’s Commitment to Giving Back

On this Memorial Day, we take a moment to honor those who have laid down their lives in service to our nation, ensuring the freedoms we enjoy today. Over the years, METALCON has built a strong tradition of giving back, raising funds, and providing much-needed assistance to those who have served in the military. Join us once again in our annual fundraising efforts to benefit Semper Fi & America’s Fund. Donate online or in person at METALCON 2024.

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Why Metal for Low Slope Roofing

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Essential Metalworking Tools

At the heart of metalworking lies the essential tools that transform raw materials into amazing structures. Immerse yourself in the world of metalcraft as you explore these indispensable tools in this blog and by attending METALCON 2024, Some of these tools may even be celebrated as the Top Products of 2024!

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METALCON Newsletter May

EDUCATION PROGRAM ANNOUNCED FOR 2024Year after year, METALCON draws attendees hungry for more than just exhibits. They attend this annual event for an unmatched educational experience, leveling up their knowledge of products, systems, and the latest innovations. Led by industry titans in metal construction, architecture, engineering, and manufacturing, the workshops and educational sessions are meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of our diverse audience. Take your pick from a wealth of options: immerse yourself in intensive paid workshops,

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Trends in Architectural Metalwork

Architectural metalwork is where function and structure meet art and design, critical in today’s metal construction industry. Dive into the trends including metal ceilings, exterior metal finish, staircases and balustrades. Learn how The Architect’s Experience at METALCON can deepen your knowledge of architectural metalwork. Save $50 if you register TODAY!

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Barndominiums: Discover Benefits, Trends, & Unique Designs

“You’ll never look at a Metal Building the Same Way Again!®” says METALCON presenter, Stacee Lynn, also known as The Barndominium Lady®. In today’s #MagnificentMetalMonday, we discover the benefits, trends, and unique designs of this trending versatile, modern home known as a Barndominium. Also learn how you can see Stacee Lynn in person for her education session at METALCON 2024 in Atlanta, GA, October 30 – November 1.

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