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Save Energy Costs with Air Barrier Testing

Air leakage in buildings has been shown to be a significant percentage of energy costs for buildings. Whole building blower door testing is critical. Register for tomorrow’s METALCONLive! with Executive Director of the Air Barrier Association of America, Laverne Dalgleish, to learn more about air barriers for whole buildings and how to become a certified technician for blower door testing.

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Make Your Voice Heard

The construction industry continues to evolve in the areas of smart and high-tech protective equipment, green construction, diversifying the workforce, and more efficient technology, while still dealing with material and labor shortages and rising costs. What will 2024 bring? Make your voice heard by participating in two critical industry surveys.

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AI in A/E/C — How it’s Influencing the Industry

AI is undoubtedly here to stay, and has already been making a significant impact on the construction industry. Learn how AI can move the industry forward to reduce its carbon footprint. Register for PSMJ’s upcoming webinar with AI Visionary, Frank Lazaro, to learn actionable steps to implement AI within your firm or company.

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METALCON 2023: WHERE EVERYONE CAME OUT ON TOP Last month, Las Vegas played host to METALCON 2023, and both exhibitors and attendees were not just rolling the dice — they were winning big! With a jaw-dropping 40% increase in attendance compared to last year, the exhibit hall was a vibrant hub of activity throughout the three days of the show.

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How Rainscreen Walls Work Ft. METALCON Live! and RAiNA

Curious or confused about what “rainscreen” means or how it relates to wall performance? This session provides an overview of rainscreen wall designs, including all the visible and hidden components and important factors in performance. Claddings and attachments, the air cavity and why width matters, water control, structural considerations, fire and combustibility, exterior insulation … all this and more will be touched on.

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METALCON 2023 Hits the Jackpot in Las Vegas

Once again, Las Vegas proved to be a phenomenal venue for METALCON. From dynamic exhibits to inspiring keynotes, intensive workshops and free educational sessions, attendees from 50 countries from Australia to Zambia learned from top industry experts and networked with colleagues at the only event dedicated exclusively to the application of metal in design and construction.

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