Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and fabricators of metal related products, services and solutions
for the construction and design industry are strongly encouraged to exhibit

For 30+ years, METALCON has been the only annual tradeshow devoted exclusively to the application of metal in construction and design.

With its dynamic exhibit hall, interactive education and access to the Who’s Who of the metal construction and design industry — attendees count on METALCON’s exhibitors to deliver the innovations, solutions, tools and expertise they need to turbocharge their businesses with the application of metal in the building envelope.

METALCON delivers an unparalleled opportunity to demo, showcase and sell your products or services to a captive audience of senior-level decision makers and influencers looking for new innovations and solutions to make their business more competitive, efficient and profitable.

Pack your pipeline with qualified leads by putting your company in the path of qualified buyers, many of whom are ready to place orders on the spot. There is no better or more complete metal construction and design industry event anywhere in the WORLD.

Find your spot (or your competitors) on the expo floor ⟶

Questions? Check out the Exhibitor FAQ’s for more information.
Or contact METALCON’s Exhibit Sales Manager, Mark Swagerty
at mark@metalcon.com or 857-255-3340

25+ Product categories

Interested in exhibiting?

Join 220+ exhibitors on the expo floor at our 2024 show in Atlanta. Be amongst other industry experts, take advantage of our FREE on-site education and connect with thousands of prospects!

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Exhibitor Success Story

“You truly can’t get this type of experience anywhere else. There are so many tools and resources here, whether you are trying to grow your marketing, your installation knowledge or your sales. There are so many great minds coming together, so much knowledge to be shared—all in this one centralized location. It’s a fantastic way to expose yourself to the industry and learn about what it takes to grow your company efficiently. This is my first METALCON; needless to say, we will definitely be back.”
Ryan Anderson
Sales Lead, Elevated Metal Solutions

Who exhibits?

Joining from all 50 states and 40+ countries while representing businesses that buy, install, design, specify, fabricate, supply or distribute metal products/services for the building envelope.

Unveil, demo, showcase and sell your products and solutions to the greatest concentration of decision-makers and influencers in the metal construction and design industry including:




Construction Techs

Design Build Teams




Energy Services

Environmental Services


Financial Institutions

Facility Management Services

Commercial/Residential Contractors

Government Agencies

Hand Tool & Equipment Providers

Metal Roofing & Sidewall Contractors


Ornamental Metal Contractors


Renewable Energy Services

Roofing Contractors

Sheet Metal Contractors

Solar Contractors

Software Developers

Steel Service Centers



Welding Contractors

Residential Contractors



To position yourself as a frontrunner in the metal construction and design industry, you must be an active participant in the only global event dedicated exclusively to the application of metal in design and construction!


"We’ve been having a lot of great conversations with builders and engineering companies looking for what’s out there with steel, whether it is roof trusses, wall panels or steel structural systems. A lot of our clients from all around the world come to METALCON. It’s an exploratory of information. We have our experts here, our engineers, our sales engineers—all the experts are here. You come to us with your opportunity, walk the floor to look at other options, bring your drawings, and we will work with clients on the show floor to customize solutions."
Bob Repovs
President and CEO, Samco Machinery, Toronto, Canada