Tomorrow on METALCON Online! Special Presentation on Mergers & Acquisitions

Understanding Business Valuation and Mergers and Acquisitions

Karl Wohler, Mergers & Acquisitions and Valuation Advisory Services at PSMJ Resources, Inc., brings his 40+ years of experience to METALCONLive! tomorrow as he provides answers to some of the most common M&A questions. It will also serve as a “preview” for a special 8-hour workshop taking place at METALCON 2023 in Las Vegas in October. Karl’s diverse experience in operations management, finance, M&A deal structuring, and process management offers a unique perspective when assisting company leaders in developing effective growth, transition, and exit strategies.


What can you be doing now to improve the value of your business and enhance your exit options? When is the time right to move into a new market and secure an acquisition? What is more important when selling, acquiring, or merging with a firm — a like culture or similar product offerings? What are the industry norms for valuation and deal structure? What are the critical milestones in the M&A process? Can a sale process facilitate retirement exits while allowing some shareholders to remain in the ownership group and maintaining a path to ownership for key employees? Spend an hour tomorrow with Karl to get answers to your M&A questions.

Karl began his career as a chemical engineer at Polaroid Corporation and then advanced to senior director of film manufacturing and corporate program manager in research & development. His first exposure to mergers and acquisitions came when he managed several plant consolidation and divestiture projects. Over the past 15 years, Karl has built deep experience in M&A, including a range of consulting advisory engagements as well as his roles as the corporate head of M&A for Bowne & Co., a $1 billion financial service content management company, and as the owner and CEO of a 150‐employee printing company. He now provides advisory support to the mergers and acquisitions, valuation, and ownership transition practices at PSMJ.

METALCON 2023 EDUCATION: Mergers & Acquisitions Essentials Workshop

Tomorrow’s webinar will provide a glimpse into the 8-hour in-person workshop taking place at METALCON 2023. This workshop is scheduled for Tuesday, October 17, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Note: This workshop requires pre-registration, an additional fee but it includes your 3-day exhibit hall pass. Learn more about our NEW Value Pass options for the BEST DEAL for adding metal workshops to your agenda.


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