Magnificent Metal Monday – Perforated Metal Panels

Zahner ImageWallSystem depicts images at the Legacy Pavilion for The Equal Justice Initiative

Perforated metal panel systems are allowing architects to push boundaries and transform their visions into new landmarks

Zahner's ImageWall System used to create the Legacy Pavilion for The Equal Justice Initiative.
Legacy Pavilion for The Equal Justice Initiative depicts the iconic images of several local civil rights activists that inspire hope for equal justice. (Credit: Zahner)

In a recent article by Eric Baldwin in Architizer Magazine, he provides “An Architect’s Guide To: Graphic Perforated Metal Panels.” He writes, “Architectural innovation and creativity go hand in hand. Designers are constantly seeking new ways to push boundaries, challenge norms, and create buildings that resonate with places and people. One material that is increasingly being harnessed to this end is perforated metal, with a multitude of high-tech systems now available to architects looking for customizable wall and façade solutions.”

Zahner, a renowned engineering and fabrication company with a long-standing reputation for its work with architects, has developed the ImageWall system offering a range of diverse qualities for projects across typologies and climates. Baldwin says, “With its accessible design tools, affordability, and wide range of applications, the perforated metal panel system empowers designers and architects to bring their visions to life.”

Whether used in commercial, hospitality, retail, or residential settings, this material provides a customizable canvas for integrating backlighting, materials, and graphics. Check out these case studies showing a range of use and versatility:

The ImageWall system give accessibility to designers eliminating the tedious back-and-forth communication. Designers can now conceptualize and design directly within an intuitive online visualizer tool on the Zahner website, streamlining the design process, empowering architects to bring their visions to life and fostering a greater sense of creative freedom.

Explore more of Zahner’s portfolio to view the versatility and the limitless possibilities of this application. As Baldwin states, “With a vast array of materials to choose from, architects can find the perfect match for their desired aesthetic, whether it be sleek and modern or warm and organic. The graphic options also enable the integration of custom patterns, logos, or artwork, allowing architects to create truly unique and memorable spaces that leave a lasting impression.”


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