MetalForming: Come Take A Swing At The Newest Technology!


the MustC by MetalForming

With METALCON on the horizon, the industry’s attention is focused on the trailblazing innovations set to be unveiled. At the heart of this exhilaration is METALFORMING‘s latest marvel: the MustC.

Designed to spearhead the next phase of metalworking, the MustC goes beyond being a mere rotary film applicator. It encapsulates our vision, boasting features like a digital-mechanical knife positioning system, a robust 7-roll powered CNC straightening mechanism, and laser-hardened slitting shafts—all nested within a solid steel frame.

While others strive to match current industry benchmarks, METALFORMING, as your One Partner. Trusted Expert., has always pushed the envelope, aiming for the stars. The MustC is a shining exemplar of this ethos, masterfully blending power, strength, accuracy, and consistency to set a new gold standard.

But the wonders at METALFORMING aren’t limited to just the MustC. Our unwavering commitment to innovation reverberates through our entire lineup. We invite METALCON attendees to “Come Take a Swing at the Newest Technology!” at Booth# 4031. Dive into our showcase, which includes:

Jorns Double Bender – JDB

Schroeder Powerbend Multi -32/2

Schechtl MAX-F

Schechtl SMT

Schechtl UKV

Stolarczyk Decoiler

And many more…

With METALFORMING, the future awaits! Join us at METALCON to witness firsthand the transformative innovations we bring to the forefront of metalworking. Together, let’s pioneer the next era of our industry.


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