METALCON Newsletter April 2024

SPOTLIGHT ON WOMEN IN CONSTRUCTION (WIC)Last month not only commemorated Women’s History Month, but it also celebrated the 26th Annual Women In Construction Week (WIC Week™), sponsored by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). This year’s theme, “Keys to the Future,” celebrated the strength and knowledge of women and the vital role they play in shaping the future of the construction industry. While the total number of women in construction has increased only slightly since last year, there are still almost 1.3 million, which is 10.8% of the total workforce. According to a comprehensive report published by FIXR, since last year, 100% of the increase in women in the construction industry was seen in management, professional, and related occupations, demonstrating a significant cultural shift within the industry. Building upon the success of the METALCON 2023 women’s program, “Metal and Mimosas,” anticipate additional programming dedicated to women at this year’s METALCON event.  LEARN MORE →
CONSTRUCTION LABOR’S “BIG DANCE”As the college basketball teams “dance” their way through the tournament whittling it down to the Final Four, the metal construction industry is grappling with their own “dance” — an increasing number of job openings with a shortage of qualified applicants. According to the Association General Contractors of America, “The construction industry added 23,000 jobs in February — the most since August — as a strong gain in employment at nonresidential contractors offset a small decline at residential firms.” Association officials noted that new figures on the number of job openings in the industry underscore the challenges firms are having finding enough qualified people to hire amid strong demand. LEARN MORE →
METALCON OnlineMETALCON’s Online Education series showcased two insightful webinars this month, both now accessible through the ON DEMAND library. On March 6, METALCON Online and Future Leaders presented, “Employment in the Metal Industries: Maximizing Your Experience” with Sam Gray, VP of Operations with Metallic Products. Sam provided an update on what employers are looking for and offered his thoughts on how to turn a candidate into a “great” employee. From our Technical Know-How library, brush up on the latest on sealants and adhesive technology with last week’s webinar, “Sealant and Adhesive Technology for Metal Construction Applications” presented by Daniel Garnett, Market Development Director with ADFAST USA, an innovative North American manufacturer of high-performance industrial sealants, adhesives, and insulating foams. WATCH ON DEMAND →
MBMA 2023 STUDENT DESIGN AWARD WINNERSNow in it’s third year, the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) announced the winners of their annual Student Design Award Competition, granting $28,500 in awards to six winners, their faculty sponsors, along with two Honorable Mention awards. MBMA General Manager, Tony Bouquet, highlighted the success of this year’s competition, which attracted 33 entries from six schools across North America, involving 46 students and 8 faculty sponsors. The contest, open to undergraduate and graduate architecture students, tasked participants with creating innovative metal building designs for a new nature center and environmental research facility. Congratulations to overall winner from the graduate division, Jamie Sang, of the University of Massachusetts – Amherst, and faculty advisor Stephen Schreiber, earning the top prize of $5,000. Taking first place in the undergraduate division went to a team from the University of Utah and faculty adviser Jörg Rügemer. Each winning project demonstrates inventive uses of metal to blend functionality with aesthetics, to achieve climate control efficiency, and to obtain sustainability goals leading to a low carbon footprint. READ MORE →
ATLANTA’S FIRST MICHELIN FOOD GUIDEAtlanta’s recent inclusion in the prestigious Michelin food guide marked a significant milestone in the city’s culinary landscape. The Michelin Guide’s arrival in Atlanta last November 2023 not only validates the city’s burgeoning gastro scene but also showcases its diversity and innovation in culinary arts. The city’s rich culinary scene, blending Southern, African American, Latin American, and Asian influences features talented chefs pushing boundaries with locally sourced ingredients and innovative menus. From fine dining to casual eateries, Atlanta offers a myriad of culinary experiences conveniently located within walking distance from the convention center or a short ride away in its vibrant neighborhoods. READ MORE →


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