MCA 2023 Design Award Winners

#MagnificentMetalMonday Celebrates Excellence in Metal Construction

“Wall of Winners” on display at METALCON 2023

What are the MCA Design Awards?

The Metal Construction Association Design Awards have become a prestigious event in the architectural and construction industry. They aim to honor the excellence in metal construction and celebrate the architects, designers, and contractors who push the boundaries of what’s possible with this material. The awards are a testament to the transformative power of metal, whether it’s steel, aluminum, copper, or zinc, in the hands of skilled professionals.

The Winners’ Showcase

While at METALCON last month, design entries and winners were prominently displayed on the “winners wall” down the “power aisle” on the show floor. The winners will also be featured in various industry publications, websites, and social media channels, providing them with valuable exposure and networking opportunities. This recognition is not only a testament to their skills but also an excellent marketing tool for future endeavors.

The 2023 MCA Design Award Winners

This year’s winning projects showcase the use of metal in design and construction in buildings ranging from offices to a playground, education to residential, and transportation to commercial. All the projects have at least one MCA member company as part of the construction team.

Best Overall / Solar / Custom

Thirty75 — Santa Clara, California

MCA Member Company: PPG Industries
Architect: Verse Design Los Angeles
Metal Installer: AGA/AGS, Viking Steel, SME
Contractor: Truebeck Construction

Insulated Metal Panels

Fred Ayres Memorial Playground at Pineapple Park — Jensen Beach, Florida

MCA Member Company: KingspanMetallic Products
Architect: Ahrens Companies
Contractor: Ahrens Companies
Metal Installer: Ahrens Companies

Metal Composite Material

North Carolina State University, Plant Sciences Building — Raleigh, N.C.

MCA Member Company: 3A Composites USA
Architect: Flad Architects 
Contractor: DPR Construction
Metal Installer: SPS Corporation, BEES, Bonitz

Single Skin Panels

Texas A&M Southside Recreational Center — College Station, Texas

MCA Member Company: Carlisle Companies Incorporated, Auzmet Architectural Incorporated
Architect: SmithGroup
Contractor: Manhattan Construction Group
Metal Installer: Auzmet Architectural Incorporated

Residential Roof

4/Way House — Topanga, California

MCA Member Company: RHEINZINK
Architect: Deegan-Day Design & Architecture Incorporated
Contractor: Kent Snyder Construction 
Metal Installer: Atlas Sheet Metal

Commercial Roof, First Place

Katy Trail Ice House — Las Vegas, Nevada

MCA Member Company: Nucor Buildings Group, and McElroy Metals
Architect: Gensler
Contractor: Burke Construction 
Metal Installer: Battle Born Steel

Commercial Roof, Second Place

Phoenix Sky Harbor Sky Train — Phoenix, Arizona

MCA Member Company: Dura Coat Products 
Architect: SmithGroup/Gannet Fleming
Contractor: Hensel Phelps 
Metal Installer: Kovach


SUNY Binghamton University — Binghamton, NY

MCA Member Company: 3A Composites USA
Architect: Ashley McGraw Associates
Metal Installer: Gitzen Company, Inc.

Projects considered for these awards were submitted to MCA Design Awards Program and / or Metal Architecture magazine’s annual Design Awards Program. The recipients were chosen by the following panel of professional architects:

Steve Blye, AIA LEED AP BC+C
Director of Healthcare Design
Legat Architects

Rick Harlan Schneider, AIA, APA, LEED
ISTUDIO Architects

Paul Mankins, FAIA, LEED AP
Founding Partner

In conclusion, the Metal Construction Association Design Awards are a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the construction industry. By recognizing outstanding projects that employ metal in creative and functional ways, the MCA Design Awards inspire architects, designers, and contractors to push the boundaries of what’s possible in construction.

For additional details on each project, check out Building Enclosure’s feature article.


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