Las Vegas Sphere – A Metal Marvel

A Glimpse into Sphere’s Grandeur

Today’s #Magnificent Metal Monday heads to the METALCON 2023 host city of Las Vegas, where the city’s newest entertainment venue called “Sphere,” is setting out to redefine the concept of live entertainment. In a city renowned for its penchant for extravagance and its unending pursuit of pushing boundaries, the grand unveiling of the “world’s largest spherical structure” is scheduled for September 29. With its massive 360-degree projection surface, it offers an immersive experience that transcends traditional venues.

According to Construction Dive, “The world’s largest spherical structure stands 516 feet wide and 366 feet tall, can seat 17,600 spectators, and has standing room for an additional 20,000 people. Its exosphere, the structure’s marquee attraction, features a 580,000-square-foot fully programmable LED exterior.”

The interior of the MSG Sphere offers 4D technology elements, an immersive display plane and a state-of-the-art audio experience; Credit: Sphere Entertainment

The Role of Metal and Steel Used in Sphere

Metal and steel have played a pivotal role in the construction of Sphere. These materials were carefully selected for their strength, durability, and versatility, allowing the architects and engineers to realize their ambitious design while ensuring the safety and longevity of the structure. According to Slashgear, “To build the dome alone — which is said to weigh about 13,000 tons and has a surface area of 220,000 square feet — it allegedly took six million pounds of steel carted by a massive crane that took 18 days to construct.” Interesting construction facts include:

  1. High-Strength Structural Steel: The framework of Sphere relies on high-strength structural steel, which provides the necessary support for the massive structure. According to Sphere’s owner, MSG Entertainment, to unlock the full weight bearing capabilities, when the roof’s structural steel was topped off, construction crews covered the steel trusses with corrugated metal decking, then placed 3,000 tons of rebar and pumped 6,600 cubic yards of concrete – weighing 10,000 tons – onto the roof. (Source: The Construction Broadsheet).
  2. Innovative Steel Alloys: Steel alloys were used for strength and corrosion resistance, crucial in a city like Vegas, where extreme temperatures and the potential for moisture can take a toll on materials over time.
  3. Seismic Resilience: Since Vegas is situated in an earthquake-prone region, the designers incorporated seismic-resistant steel and engineering techniques to enhance the building’s ability to withstand seismic events.
  4. Aesthetic Metal Finishes: Metal isn’t just about functionality; it’s also about aesthetics. The exterior of Sphere boasts captivating metal finishes that not only contribute to its futuristic appearance but also serve as a protective layer against the elements.
  5. Sustainable Metal Choices: In an era where sustainability is paramount, Sphere showcases the use of recycled steel, minimizing its environmental impact, and aligning with growing trends in the construction industry to adopt eco-friendly materials and practices.

The Science Behind Sphere

According to Sphere’s website, “We deployed some centuries-old mathematical formulas and some very 22nd century engineering and technology.” Among the 20+ formulas used, like the Finite Element Method, Geodesic Math, the Law of Sines, and Snell’s Law to name a few.

Metal in Architecture and Design

Beyond its remarkable material composition, Sphere is a testament to the fusion of art and technology. The extensive use of metal and steel is seamlessly integrated into the overall aesthetic, creating an awe-inspiring visual experience both inside and out. The venue not only stands as an iconic example of architectural ingenuity but also pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in live entertainment spaces. Sphere is a shining symbol of innovation, inviting us to explore the endless possibilities that lie at the intersection of creativity and engineering.


To learn more about the relationship between metal in architecture and design, METALCON is the place to be. It is here where contractors, architects, developers, owners, fabricators, manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from 45+ countries gather to explore the latest products, solutions, opportunities and innovations related to the use of metal in design and construction. In addition to exploring the latest innovations with exhibitors on the show floor, several education sessions are specifically designed around metal in design.

One of these sessions will feature another one of Vegas’ new venues, Allegiant Stadium. PPG’s Gary Edgar, Manager of Architectural Specifications, Industrial Coatings, and Christopher Sotiropulos, Vice President of Stadium Operations, who was instrumental in the stadium’s design and construction will share what it took to build—and maintain—a venue of this size and stature, as well as ongoing initiatives that improve sustainability and guest experiences. The session, “Designing for Las Vegas: a Full House of Finishes for Allegiant Stadium to Enhance, Protect & Cool” will be the kick-off session on Wednesday morning, October 18 at 8:30 am in The Architect’s Experience Pavilion on the show floor, and included with registration.

The Architect’s Experience, a “show within a show” is collection of exclusive events curated for architects and designers to showcase the benefits of metal, introduce the latest innovations, discuss best practices, and connect with new business partners and colleagues.

Several other workshops and education sessions throughout the show will cover the use of MCM’s, Rainscreens, use of color, and “Designing Outside the Box.” Click HERE to explore the conference agenda.

Location of Sphere

Sphere sits one block from the Las Vegas Strip and connects directly to The Venetian resort’s Convention and Expo Center, toward the south-end of the Strip. It is easily accessible by taking the monorail to the Harrahs/The Linq Station from the Westgate Hotel or the Las Vegas Convention Center. Wtih the venue set to open just weeks before METALCON rolls into Vegas, attendees can catch U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere, a first-of-its-kind live music experience.

Click HERE to register for METALCON, scheduled for October 18-20, 2023 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


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