Magnificent Metal Monday – Aluminum “Main Act” in “Amorphous” Design of New Theatre in China

Aluminum in a theater in China

Dezeen reports, “Chinese studio Open Architecture has revealed the visuals for the new Yichang Grand Theatre in China, which will have an amorphous form intended to evoke flowing water.”

The 70,000 square-meter theatre will be located at the Pinghu Peninsula in Hubei Province, at a site where the Yangtze River meets the Huangbai River tributary.

To achieve these design goals, curved, matte anodized aluminum tubes will be used on the building’s outer surface.

According to ArchDaily, “The building’s organic structure, pierced by apertures of diverse shapes, is full of expressions. Curved, matte anodized aluminum tubes are used on the building’s outer surface to capture the minute variations in light and shadow throughout the day, giving the impression of flowing metal. The portion of the structure that faces inland features a double-layered facade, with an exterior layer of aluminum tubes that blends in with the rest of the building and an interior layer of basic stacked geometry that responds to complex internal functional needs. A big semi-outdoor garden and cascading terraced gardens are only two examples of the varied in-between spaces created by the different distances between the two layers, which help to control the microclimate of the building. Natural ventilation is added to the lobby and circulation spaces through holes facing the river, encouraging the building to breathe in the environment.”

The surface of the building is covered in aluminium tubes

In response to the natural conditions surrounding the site, the design studio has reduced Yichang Grand Theatre’s footprint and excavation work by elevating its main functional spaces within a partially floating structure. Open Architecture‘s founding partner Huang Wenjing, says, “This is a very rare opportunity that allows us to repair and restore the previously human-damaged site through new construction, and reestablish a balanced, sustainable relationship between nature and the built environment.”

Open Architecture‘s proposal comprises a 1,600-seat grand theatre, a 1,200-seat concert hall, a 400-seat black box and two outdoor theatres. It will also house educational facilities, event and exhibition spaces, rehearsal rooms, coffee shops, restaurants and observation decks. The theatre on the ground level, the rooftop outdoor theatre and the observation deck on top of the building are all connected via an ascending public walkway, which allows plenty of viewing points accessible to all.

Photos: Dezeen and Open Architecture.


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