Why Empower Middle Management?

According to Forbes article titled “Want Change? Empower Your Middle Managers,” Dr. Loubna Noureddin, leadership scholar, executive coach, orphans advocate, author and co-founder of Mind Market Consultants, says, “When it comes to launching change, some of the most overlooked are middle managers. This group can inspire the mass to action while balancing the pressures of monthly deliverables and conflicting priorities. You want to empower your middle managers to engage in the change from the onset.”

She emphasizes, “Your middle managers cultivate how teams see, hear and feel the culture. They also drive how teams embrace the change effort and execute on your agenda. Middle managers are the gatekeepers of team morale.”

Catch “Debunking the Corporate Myth: Empowering Middle Management” – A Free Webinar Tomorrow at 1:00 pm EST Presented by Future Leaders of METALCON and MCA in a Special Edition of METALCONLive!

In tomorrow’s METALCONLive!, Philip Thompson, Product Application Engineer – Customer Technical Service of United States Steel Corporation, will lead a detailed conversation on understanding the role middle management plays in large corporations and how these roles have been “hidden” in the world of corporate structuring and growth.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Learn how middle management is a desirable role
  • Understand the benefits of these roles for young professionals
  • Gain knowledge of these roles in the metal construction industry

Celebrating 20 years with USS, Thompson joined the company in 2003 after graduating from the University of Florida. He initially worked in Quality Assurance, starting with Box Annealing and later moving through Cold Rolling and Hot-Dip Coatings. Eventually, he became the Finishing Quality Area Manager, overseeing the QMS system, procedures, and product quality. His role also involved significant customer interaction through the CTS group. In 2015, due to unfavorable economic conditions for domestic steelmaking, the blast furnace in Fairfield, AL, was shut down, leading to plant downsizing. Consequently, he transitioned to Customer Technical Service (CTS), where he currently communicates with customers daily and collaborates with various USS manufacturing departments, including Sales, Marketing, Planning, and Logistics.

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