Metal Buildings Light Up Las Vegas

With METALCON ’23 just a month away in Las Vegas, #MagnificentMetalMonday offers a closer glimpse into how metal buildings are leaving their mark on the city’s footprint. From the mega structures to the more modest designs, metal construction takes the spotlight. What sets these featured projects apart is not only their shared reliance on metal in their design but also the fact that the metal building companies behind them will be showcasing their innovations at METALCON next month.

In a city like Las Vegas, characterized by extreme temperatures and the potential for moisture-related challenges, the advantages of constructing with metal are abundantly evident in these projects. Among the myriad benefits, steel’s remarkable durability, energy efficiency, fire-resistant properties, and resistance to pests stand out as compelling reasons for choosing metal as the preferred building material over alternative options.


Just two years after opening, Allegiant Stadium, home to the NFL’s Las Vegas Raiders has become one of the biggest draws in Las Vegas. Billboard named it as the “Top Stadium in the World in 2022.” With a price tag of 1.9 billion, the 10-level fully domed venue has exceeded expectations by nearly every metric, yet comes with some formidable challenges, including its sheer size at 1.8 million square feet to its setting in the searing sun and heat of the Mojave Desert.

PPG paints, coatings, and specialty materials played a central role in the design and construction.  For PPG, the Allegiant Stadium project required a range of decorative and protective solutions from four different PPG businesses; color expertise to perfectly match the Raider’s signature black and silver for the exterior curtain walls; and exterior coatings infused with infrared reflective pigments to help cool the building with less energy. PPG was able to balance the need for high-end aesthetics fitting of its location near the Vegas Strip with durable, long-lasting protection for interior, exterior and structural steel surfaces.


To learn more about the stadium’s design and construction, METALCON is thrilled to welcome PPG’s Gary Edgar, Manager of Architectural Specifications, Industrial Coatings, and Christopher Sotiropulos, Vice President of Stadium Operations to present the opening seesion on Wednesday morning, October 18 at 8:30 AM in The Architect’s Experience Pavilion at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Sponsored by PPG, Gary and Christopher will share what it took to build and maintain a venue of this size during this exclusive education session.

Attendees can also visit with PPG representatives in Booth #7089 at METALCON next month.


With so much attention on “The Vegas Strip” and the visitor experience, city planners are also upgrading the quality of year-round living. A new 290-unit apartment building called Parc Haven Apartments is one of the standout additions, featuring industrial-style metal cladding and colorful metal panel highlights. Located in a new neighborhood around a former railyard now transformed into a park, it is home to a performing arts center, a children’s museum, and a major medical facility.

Designers with CallisonRTKL’s Dallas office looked to surrounding activities to inspire the exterior’s appearance. Working with local installer TLC Roof Services, the design team opted for a series of profiles from Petersen’s PAC-CLAD lineup to supply most of the metal panels used for the project. Leading this list, 12,000 sq. ft. of the company’s 24-gauge steel Highline B2 panel in Musket Gray were selected as wall cladding for much of the building’s exterior – the panel’s corrugated appearance can help add a dash of industrial chic to a façade.

Visual punch is provided through the 500 sq. ft. of Flush Panels in multiple hues and an additional 14,400 sq. ft. of perforated 7.2 Panels in .032-gauge aluminum, also in multiple shades, screen the parking garage, and 1,000 sq. ft. of Snap-Clad standing-seam roof panels top pop-out elements incorporated to break up the linearity of the long façade. Source: DesignandBuildwithMetal

To learn more about the metal cladding used in this project, visit Petersen PAC-CLAD at METALCON next month in Booth #3091.


CENTRIA®, a NUCOR Company, played a critical role in enclosing The Sphere at The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, completed by Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corporation. CENTRIA’s involvement began early in the design phase as the project team needed an enclosure to meet the challenging geometry of the sphere. With LED lighting on the exterior, CENTRIA panels were selected as a modifiable material that would serve as a backup system for the standing seam metal panels on the exterior. CENTRIA supplied more than 340,000 MetalWrap Long Span Series insulated composite backup panels in Light Gray, Graphite Gray, and Gray Aluminum to clad the entire structure with both horizontal and vertical profiles. MetalWrap exterior composite wall panels are a flexible option to provide air, water, moisture, and thermal performance in a singular component. MetalWrap consists of two steel skins permanently bonded to a poured-in-place foam insulating core, eliminating the need for multiple barriers. Source: DesignandBuildwithMetal.

To learn more about this project and other CENTRIA panels, visit the Nucor Buildings Group at METALCON next month in Booth #2065.


PGAL LLC specified insulated metal panels (IMPs) featuring a sleek architectural profile to adorn this new Las Vegas courthouse’s exterior walls, entrance canopy, and soffits. Inside the two-story courthouse, metal composite material (MCM) were used as column covers. The ARJ undertook the installation of Metl-Span’s 2-inch thick CF Architectural IMPs, showcasing a flat profile in two distinct colors: Silver Metallic and the unique custom Eames for Blue. For column covers and select areas, ARJ expertly fabricated and installed Alfrex, sourced from Unience USA Inc., finished in Anodic Clear Mica. The entrance canopy, constructed with IMPs, stands out as a pivotal architectural element, seamlessly integrated into the courthouse’s construction. Notably, IMPs deliver both cost-effectiveness and the achievement of the design objective, creating a smooth, flat exterior finish to the building. Source: Metal Construction News.


Learn more about IMPs by visiting Metl-Span, a NUCOR Company, at METALCON in Booth #2065 or by attending various education sessions on IMPs and MCMs. METALCON registered attendees also have the unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes tour of Metl-Span‘s Las Vegas plant on Thursday, October 19, from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Don’t miss your chance to learn, network, and gain a deeper understanding of IMPs in an industrial context, meet others in the field, and witness the production process firsthand. Secure your spot!*

If you haven’t registered for METALCON yet, register now using promo code 30SPAN to get Metl-Span’s special $30 discount offer! 

*Special note: the discount only applies to new registrations made on or after 8/9/2023. You must be registered for METALCON to register for the plant tour.

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