METALCONNECTION Newsletter | December 2023


METALCON 2024 returns to “The Big A” — Atlanta — and we invite you to take center stage in the “Capital of the South.” METALCON’s Call for Presentations is now open and we are seeking individuals who want to educate, engage, inspire and present material in ways that will enhance the attendees’ experience. Topics that address real-world, metal-related opportunities and challenges toward a variety of disciplines of the metal construction community with a special interest in technical aspects, building codes, case studies, and sustainability will be considered. All topics submitted will be considered for BOTH in-person education at METALCON 2024 and for our year-round METALCONLive! programming.



Shield Wall Media and METALCON have partnered to conduct the annual Construction Survey Insights (CSI) poll. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey, as your input is crucial in shaping actionable data for you and all our partners in the construction industry. By participating, you actively contribute to the creation of valuable insights. Once the data is collected, it will be presented in a special issue of a magazine, which will be mailed to you for FREE early next year. Traditionally valued at over $1,000, Shield Wall Media is providing this insightful and detailed report at no cost to members of the construction industry. Subscribe to any magazine (all free) to receive the publication.



Kick off the New Year by learning the latest secrets behind coatings and their optimal use. On Wednesday, January 10th at 1PM ET, Gary Edgar, Architectural Manager of PPG, shares his expertise to help you better navigate the complexities of coatings and determine when to use each one. Learn how to decipher the disparities between liquid and powder coatings, the nuances of various powder coatings, and a look at the revolutionary powder fluoropolymer coating technologies. Contractors, designers, and architects alike will benefit from this course to gain a deeper understand of the architectural applications of the coating types.



As this year draws to an end, discover a wealth of insights into the construction economy with ConstructConnect’s recent online webinar, featuring prominent chief economists from diverse construction sectors. Kermit Baker, AIA’s Chief Economist, reports on architecture firm billings and backlogs and the key factors influencing the year’s conclusion and the outlook for the New Year. Notably, robust spending on building construction is highlighted, showcasing a remarkable 20.5% positive change in total nonresidential building construction in 2023, with expectations of a significant deceleration in 2024.

Ken Simonson, Chief Economist of the AGC and METALCON Keynote Speaker, looks year-over-year construction employment numbers, wages, material costs, and shares his medium-term outlook for the industry. Claire Stubblefield, VP, Product Strategy of ConstructConnect, reports on US and Canada bidding trends for the construction industry and the status of planning projects. Alex Carrick, Chief Economist of ConstructConnect, covers the US GDP data comparing 2020 to 2009, the government’s response to each economic downturn, the impediments and counterpoints to the economy’s forecast, and a comparison of mega projects valued at over $1 billion. Lastly, ConstructConnect’s Senior Economist, Michael Guckes, introduces a new “project stress index” highlighting four years of data of the delayed, on hold and abandoned projects and speaks to the supply chain market. This webinar promises to be a rich source of knowledge for anyone seeking a thorough understanding of the current construction economic landscape.



Make plans to attend the MCA 2024 Winter Meeting, January 29-31 in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. The event will feature industry education, a golf event to support MCA’s new scholarship program, and social events. Author, columnist, keynote speaker and business advisor, Gene Marks, will kick of the first day with “From Washington to your Workplace: Tactics and Strategies the Smartest Leaders are Making to Navigate and Grow in 2024-2025.” Learn codes and standards from Dave Cocuzzi, technical director at NCCA, and learn the latest about the steel industry from Paul Lowry, founder of Steel Research Associates. The event will culminate with MCA’s highly anticipated annual awards dinner, making this Winter Meeting a must-attend for those seeking professional growth and networking opportunities in a captivating setting.



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