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METALCON will deliver the practical, business-boosting, solutions-oriented education you simply can’t get anywhere else. Whether you are a seasoned expert or exploring ways to extend your business to include metal, you will learn from the top technical whizzes, business experts, design professionals, and industry insiders in metal construction and design today.

Best Practices Learning Center

In today’s economy, it’s important that your business runs smoothly, maximizing every employee’s time and every dollar spent running your business. Sessions in the Best Practices Learning Center feature industry experts providing you with solid, sensible advice and tried-and-true strategies to ensure your business’s growth and success.

Technical Know-How Learning Center

Gain a deeper understanding of how to improve building and product performance in the Technical Know-How Learning Center where the focus is on installation techniques, craftsmanship, resiliency, testing procedures, real-world influences and much more.

Sustainability Learning Center

Discover how the concepts of “sustainability” and “green” align with the metal construction and steel industries, learn what is happening at the legislative level, and how to choose the right metals for your region and environment. Common myths and beliefs of metal buildings will be debunked. All these sessions are timely and important.

THE METALCON TRAINING ZONE sponsored by Sherwin Williams [logo]

The only thing better than talking shop with people who understand your daily challenges is comparing installation techniques in-person in a controlled environment.

That’s exactly what you can expect at The METALCON Training Zone where John Sheridan and his team offer tips, tricks, and hands-on demonstrations. Stop by the Training Zone inside the exhibit hall where you and your crew can try different tools on a variety of mock-ups and materials including painted steel, aluminum, zinc, copper and other exotic materials. Instruction offered in English and Spanish.

The IMP Education Center Presents Insulated Metal Panels: Installation and Handling Best Practices

Stop by these scheduled seminar and demo’s and discover the best practices and common mistakes made during unloading, storage and handling of installation of IMP’s.  Topics to be covered include avoiding damage when unloading trucks, staging and storage of bundles to avoid wet stack corrosion, tactics for long term storage of bundles and much more!


NRCA ProCertification® Hands-On LIVE (Booth #7077)

NRCA’s engaging ProCertification® demo will walk through what the metal panel roof system hands-on assessment looks like. The demonstrations are directly related to NRCA’s ProCertification® program, which certifies experienced installers in specific roof system installations. The demo will be interactive and to engage with those who are stopping by to watch and answer questions.