MCA's Metal Mastery

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Metal’s growing popularity and market share requires that contractors and installers understand the nuances and proper techniques for forming panels and installing metal roofing systems. Understanding such factors leads to improved contractor efficiency and heightened building owner satisfaction. In this series of clinics, presenters from the Metal Construction Association and Metal Roofing Alliance will discuss industry best practices for the installation of metal shingles, standing-seam roofing panels, retrofit systems, and will demonstrate proper techniques for on-site rollforming and machine maintenance.

Located on the METALCON exhibit hall in aisle 2100 during expo hours.

Speakers + Panelists

David Stubbs, Assistant Technical Director
Sheffield Metals

Jason Ayres, Technical Services Manager, Sheffield Metals

Andy Lesmeister, Weathertight Warranty Inspector, Sheffield Metals

DJ Highnote, Executive Vice President,
Roof Hugger

Charlie Smith
McElroy Metals

Ray Davis, Contract Warranty Inspector and Technical Advisor

Tom Laird
New Tech Machinery

Nate Roston
New Tech Machinery