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October 18, 2023

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12:45 PM

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01:45 PM

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Understanding EPDs
Understanding EPDs

Policies across the United States are focused on decarbonization of the building sector. For the first time these policies are addressing Embodied Carbon. It is important to understand why the embodied carbon conversation is important and how to comply with the rapidly changing legislative climate.

The Time Value of Carbon is the concept that greenhouse gas emissions that are cut or eliminated today are worth more than future cuts, due to the escalating nature and crisis of climate change (initial carbon life span becomes important). Carbon assessments and understanding the Environmental data of the products specified in projects can help practitioners make conscious design decisions and employ carbon reduction strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand why the discussion about embodied carbon is important
  • Discover what is happening at the legislative level and how is it trickling down to your own jurisdiction
  • Describe what an EPD is, and what are the various parts of an EPD
  • Document and utilize online tools for carbon assessment while planning projects
  • Compliance matters and how to go above and beyond JUST complying

This session is FREE to attend and will be located in the Sustainability Learning Center inside the Exhibit Hall. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and space is limited.


Studio Head, HB+A Architects

Hafsa Burt has been practicing architecture for 23 years. She has an undergraduate degree and a professional Master of Architecture from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Burt has been running her own studio, hb+a Architects since 2006. Her portfolio includes work at the San Francisco Airport, institutional buildings, multifamily buildings, hospitality, retail, and medical office buildings. She also founded a development arm for the firm called Box Lab which is focused on the development of zero energy/ zero carbon buildings. An environmentalist, Burt adopted the 2030 challenge a decade ago and is a huge proponent of high-performance buildings. Her focus includes eliminating toxins with indoor air quality as a specialty. She actively speaks on the topic of indoor air quality as it relates to the practice of architecture and is an industry expert on “Healthy Building Practices”. She is actively involved with the American Institute of Architects and is a member of the AIA California Climate Action Committee which looks at legislative decisions as they relate to the building environment, and has been involved in advocating for de-carbonizing the built environment and is working with a group on policies that address Embodied Carbon and Life Cycle Analysis of projects. Burt has been awarded the title of ENR’s 20 Under 40 Construction Professionals in California and the American Institute of Architects’ coveted Young Architects’ Honor Award.

Earn Continuing Education Credit:
Approved for 1.0 Health, Safety and Welfare Learning Units