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October 18, 2023

Start Time

11:30 AM

End Time

12:30 PM

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Low Slope Metal Roofing Best Practices
Low Slope Metal Roofing Best Practices

This session will look at the complexities of low slope metal roofs.  Starting with a brief overview, it will quickly get into the true focus of this session, the absolute best practices.  Focusing heavily on the details that require a higher level of craftsmanship as well as concepts that are very uncommon to this part of the world, we will examine nuances, details, and master craftsmanship. Higher levels of craftsmanship not only maintain the integrity of the metal roofing trade but also attract new blood to a more enriched career as opposed to the “job” they need to pay bills.

Learning Objectives

  • Double fold techniques for low-slope standing seam metal roofing
  • When and where to use double fold details
  • The benefits and possibilities of Online Learning
  • Basic level knowledge of the specialized tools that are needed for double fold
  • Uncommon steep slope roofing techniques and when to use them

This session is FREE to attend and located in the Technical Know-how Learning Center inside the Expo Hall. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and space is limited.

Alexander Prothmann

ASM Trainer, Architectural Sheet Metal 101

Alex Prothmann has been a fully licensed 308A Sheet Metal Worker in Ontario, Canada for the past 10 years. He got started in metal construction when he went to the classifieds and found an ad for labouring with a sheet metal and siding contractor in Whitby, ON.  Little did he know this was the start of a life-long and prosperous career. This company specialized in parapet coping metal fabrication and installation. Coping metal requires a certain level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. From there Alex joined the union, and started working for a copper restoration company where he officially started his apprenticeship. After completing the apprenticeship and all levels of trade school, he became a certified red seal sheet metal worker. There was a local company who specialized in pre-painted standing seam metal roofing that the “coping metal company” boss recommended to him. Alex headed there to interview and they hired him on the spot. Having worked in such a prestigious line of work prior to this position, this particular work felt very different. Like his talents were being wasted. There were also practices he was not quite used to. Because of the nature of painted products, he was forced to use more sealants and face fasteners than ever before. He decided to leave that company and start his own business in 2012. He has been in business for himself for the past 10 years. In starting the business, he became exposed to the unfortunate state of the metal construction industry when it comes to skilled labor availability and learning opportunities. This drove him to start Architectural Sheet Metal 101 (ASM101), a one-stop-shop where skill ranges of all sheet metal workers can not only congregate and share ideas and learn from each other, but also a hub where they can go to learn without outside influences. Where the craft is what comes first before sales and bottom lines.

Earn Continuing Education Credit:
Approved for 1.0 AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Learning Units