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October 18, 2023

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01:00 PM

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02:00 PM

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Integrating Cladding in Rainscreens and the Differences Between the Two
Integrating Cladding in Rainscreens and the Differences Between the Two

Claddings are the first line of defense in a rainscreen assembly to keep water out of the building envelope.  Metal construction specifiers, designers, and installers regularly have questions about rainscreen and cladding. Including: Are all claddings the same? Do I incorporate all claddings into the rainscreen assembly the same way? What material properties are important for a cladding system when used in a rainscreen assembly?

Join Steve Gaynor of RAiNA/Pivoth as he answers these questions and discover the most common cladding systems used in rainscreen assemblies. We will also discuss the material properties of each of the common cladding systems. Different systems may require diverse ways to be incorporated into a rainscreen assembly while keeping the performance of the key functions of drainage, ventilation, and drying.  Attendees will learn all of this and much more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the components of a rainscreen assembly and the key functions that they provide
  • Learn the typical cladding types
  • Find out the key material properties for cladding assemblies
  • Identify how to accommodate cladding types into a rainscreen assembly
  • Learn how cladding and rainscreens affect the durability of a building

This session is FREE and located in The Architect’s Experience Pavilion inside the Expo Hall. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and space is limited.

Earn Continuing Education Credit:
Approved for 1.0 AIA Health, Safety and Welfare Learning Unit

Steven Gaylor

Steven Gaynor

Principal Consultant, Pivoth Corp.

Steven Gaynor is a Principal Consultant at Pivoth Corp. He serves as Vice-chairperson on the Board of Directors at the Rainscreen Association in North America, a member of IIBEC New York Metro, and a voting member on the ASTM E06: Performance of Buildings. Steven specializes in commercial façade product market entry and growth strategies, as well as certification and compliance management. Pivoth Corp is a consulting company that focuses on guiding building product manufacturers through internal product management challenges. Pivoth helps companies achieve success by taking a pragmatic, groundwork-focused approach to the highly fragmented premium commercial facade segment.