Beauty. Versatility. Durability. Sustainability.

Metal delivers a wide array of benefits to architectural design professionals, but there’s only one place to see, touch, and discuss all of them in-person, The Design District @ METALCON 2024 on October 30 – November 1 in Atlanta. 
Earn up to a year’s worth of AIA LUs and HSWs

The Design District @ METALCON

Produced by PSMJ Resources, Inc., in partnership with AEC Daily, The Design District @ METALCON is a “show-within-a-show” that illustrates how metal can help you solve your toughest architectural, structural, environmental, and building performance challenges. From insulated metal panels and metal roofing products to finishes and coatings, The Design District @ METALCON will spark your creativity and introduce new ways of thinking.

Who should attend?

Architectural design professionals including architects, designers, specifiers, and engineers (including structural and materials engineers) of all experience levels.

May also be of interest to others in an architectural firm including: Associates, studio Leads, spec writers, tech managers, project managers, and principals.

Testimonial from Judith Kleine of Judith Kleine Architecture

What is the experience?

The Design District @ METALCON offers an experience unmatched by any online resource or conventional event –the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of metal construction, with specialized education, targeted networking, and access to innovations that can elevate your expertise and inspire your approach to architectural design with metal. 

Experience this exclusive environment dedicated to architectural design professionals like yourself. Explore a curated selection of education sessions tailored to architects, engineers, designers, and architectural professionals, and presented by experts leading the forefront of metal in architecture. You will gain invaluable knowledge and network with peers, connecting with both experts and like-minded professionals. 

In the exhibit hall, you will explore an expansive showcase featuring over 225 leading metal manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, fabricators, roll formers, and solution providers, encountering innovations you can see, touch, and experience firsthand. Plus, your The Design District @ METALCON registration option includes access to over 35 additional educational sessions throughout the event, including a specialized track on Building Performance. 


Expert-led education on topics that will illuminate opportunities and reduce risk
Our lineup of 35+ different education sessions includes a special track of courses exclusively for architects.

Focused Workshop: 

Mergers & Acquisitions Essentials Workshop – Earn 4 AIA LU Credits
Presented by 

Morning Kick-off Sessions:

✱Building Smarter: The Impact of our Changing Weather & Climate on Construction →
Explore the critical role of weather forecasting in metal and material applications for construction and design.  Discover the importance of accurate weather data and communication to optimize project timelines, enhance safety, and improve material performance. Don’t miss this chance to learn from leading experts in the weather industry!

The New World of Metal: How Technology and AI Can Affect the Metal Industries →
Technology advancement is affecting the way we do everything, from Artificial Intelligence helping us write proposals to smart watches that can monitor your pulse, and everything in between.  The metal and construction industries are no exception. Technology and AI are rapidly changing the way the world does business. 

Metal Composite Material (MCM) Building Code Fire Requirements →
This session will cover topics important to the Architect, Designer, and Specifier of exterior metal composite wall panel systems regarding code compliance and fire safety requirements, especially those in place from IBC. It will provide an overview of various metal composite materials, the kinds of attachment systems, and an in-depth review of the relevant sections of the IBC.

Exclusive Education Topics for Design District: 

Air Barriers, Vapor Retarders and Water Resistive Barriers Are the Same—No? →

✱ Artificial Intelligence in the AEC Industry →

Stay Ahead of the Color Curve: Leveraging Global Color Trends to Elevate Design & Stand Apart →

Metal Roofs Architectural Restoration / Preservation →

Today’s Architectural Metal Panels for Interior Applications →  

Metal Composite Material (MCM) Building Code Fire Requirements →

Barndominiums: Solutions for Modern Problems, Inspired by Historic Design →

The Acoustics of Metal Buildings →

Holding Strength Comparison Between Short Rail & Direct Attachments on Racking Systems on Metal Rooftop for Solar Applications →

Exclusive Networking Opportunities
Located on the METALCON show floor, The Design District @ METALCON is a relaxing lounge area where you can recharge and discuss what you’ve learned with colleagues worldwide.

Why should you attend?

Metal is one of the most sustainable building materials on the planet, and METALCON is the only global event dedicated to the use of metal in design and construction.

The Design District @ METALCON will help you navigate the vast show floor and focus on the most relevant topics to your business.

Hear from experts with the knowledge to answer your questions and ensure you leave with solutions to meet your needs.

View the latest metal products available for the building envelope, as well as for interior use.

Learn how metal components can add to a building’s sustainability and resiliency.

Understand how metal components incorporated into a building can help to improve a building’s energy efficiency for new construction and retrofit projects.

Learn how to mix metal with other building materials to add diversity in texture, color, and aesthetics to a design.

See which metal roofing, wall panel, trims, facades, and accessories can land your project proposal ahead of your competitors.

Discover advances in metal construction to client demands for increased efficiency, sustainability, and environmental resilience.

Attendees to the educational sessions will:

Assess the energy efficiency of a building through the design stage, including circularity assessment.

Gain insights into current and upcoming building codes impacting your projects.

Explore the latest trends in architectural metal panels for interior applications.

Learn advanced techniques for preserving and restoring metal roofs, ensuring both structural integrity and historical authenticity.

Understand Metal Composite Material (MCM) fire safety regulations for compliance with stringent building codes.

Explore innovative solutions like barndominiums, merging historical charm with modern functionality.

Evaluate the holding strength of racking systems on metal rooftops for solar applications, ensuring robust and safe renewable energy installations.

Discover how AI can impact architecture and engineering practices, from real-world applications, to anticipated challenges.

Get Informed. Get Inspired. Get Solutions.
Get to Atlanta in Atlanta in October. 

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October 30-November 1, 2024

Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC)

285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30313

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