METALCON Online Presents… #1 Attended Session at METALCON 22 Debunking Building Airflow Misconceptions

Couldn’t make it to METALCON this year? Or were you there but couldn’t attend every great education session we offered? You’re in luck because METALCON Live is bringing you the NUMBER ONE ATTENDED SESSION of the year! Mark your calendar for Debunking Building Airflow Misconceptions, recorded LIVE at METALCON!

WHEN: Wednesday, December 7th 2022 at 1:00PM ET.

Hear Samuel Gray of Metallic Products and William “Bill” Beals of Therm-All debunk the common misconceptions and misunderstandings behind air flow in a building. In this session you will get a foundational level understanding of thermodynamics that you can share with your stakeholders and customers. Being able to share this information appropriately will help your customers get what they want and need when ordering and designing a building. Discover a very real symbiotic relationship between insulation and ventilation, and how this ultimately affects your buildings longevity.

Learning Objectives

• Discover what benefits ventilation has for a building from safety to comfort

• Learn the science behind thermodynamics and how it affects the buildings longevity

• Find out about negative pressure issues, how they affect the building, and how to avoid them

• Learn how ventilation helps a building’s insulation performance

• Determine how to calculate air exchanges and what factors to take into account to figure out what your building actually needs



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