Can You Afford NOT to Have Diversity in Your Workforce?

Study after study has concluded that there is a clear link between workplace diversity, increased productivity, and the bottom line. In fact, according to a study by Forbes, companies with a diverse workforce produce 19% more in earnings than their less diverse counterparts. You need talented workers now more than ever.

So why, at a time when the skilled labor shortage is hitting the construction particularly hard, do woman make up just 9% of the US construction industry workforce? Can you afford not to diversify your workforce? Join us for this discussion on a subject that profoundly impacts our industry; the challenges, benefits, rewards, and strategies associated with recruiting and retaining top talent in today’s market.

Topics of discussion will include:

Why diversity is important to the success of your organization

Recruitment and retention strategies

Challenges and solutions for women working in a male-dominated industry

Creating strong, long-lasting, and supportive networks

How workforces have had to adapt since COVID-19

Advocates and allies: Fostering an inclusive work environment

Moderated by Heidi Ellsworth, Roofers Coffee Shop Panelists:

Tiffany Hutcheson, Sales and Customer Service Manager, Brightsmith Coaters

Sonya Malik, President, Association of Women in Metal

Minnie Robles, Product Representative, ATAS International


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