Whole Building Air Leakage testing is Coming – Do Not Fear It

On May 17th, join METALCON and the Air Barrier Association of America as they discuss the importance of air barriers on a building. Air barriers on a building are now being recognized as more than simply saving energy. An air tight building is a key to moisture management in the building envelope, proper operation of mechanical equipment, reduction in dust, odors such as second hand cigarette smoke and cooking smells. An airtight building plays an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and moving the industry to a Net Zero Passive House building. The question from many people is how do I know my building is airtight? The answer is whole building airtightness testing. ABAA has worked to produce the latest test method ASTM E3158 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Air Leakage Rate of a Large or Multizone Building. In 2022 ABAA launched a training and certification program for Blower Door Technicians to help ensure an accurate test. This webinar will dispel many of the myths around whole building airtightness testing, walk you through a typical test and provide guidance on what to do if you do not meet the air leakage rate required. The webinar will also provide an overview of the ABAA training and certification program and why this program is set apart from some of the current industry training.


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